Cloud-based video conferencing platforms like Zoom are all the rage these days. When it comes to Zoom, the common applications used by companies and organizations are Zoom Video Webinars and Zoom Meetings. Some may think that a webinar portal and a meeting one is not that different from each other. However, that is far from the truth. To begin with, event hosts usually opt for a webinar portal while employees use a meeting one. And that is because a webinar portal is suitable for large events with at least 50 attendees whereas a meeting one is best used for small groups. Second, a webinar portal usually allows no one but the hosts and panelists to share their screens whereas a meeting one enables all to do so.

Just as those cloud-based video conferencing platforms, a reliable employee training scheduling solution is also sought-after by many people nowadays. What makes an employee training scheduling solution attractive is that employees can always go back to the training materials and a huge part of managers’ workload are done by quick automation. In managers’ eyes, a reliable employee training scheduling solution facilitates scheduling and management well, allowing them to set goals, create training plans and review training progress with ease.