Some say the COVID-19 pandemic ruins companies and others say that it creates new business opportunities like no other. Well, both aren’t wrong. While some can’t make it, many thrive. And the secret sauce for survival is adapting to the new normal, hence the global trend of businesses going digital once and for all.

When it comes to staff training, businesses in general go for an online platform instead of in-person ones. An online staff training platform is usually designed to create lessons optimized for both desktop and mobile. To simplify the whole creating-lessons-process, drag-and-drop content elements are commonly seen on an online staff training platform. From quizzes to flip cards to games, interactive elements are included on the online platform to keep staff engaged with the training.

To facilitate employee training, HK businesses love a comprehensive management platform. Since there are many innovations and competitions in the market these days, one has to provide at least the following features to be considered a fair employee training management platform in HK. Firstly, from creating new courses, scheduling training events and enrolling participants to managing enrollments, tracking and reporting, everything has to be delivered via a user-friendly dashboard. Secondly, the setting up process has to be straightforward and quick. And to really shine as an employee training management platform in HK, learning-specific artificial intelligence algorithms are highly recommended since it enables deep and effective learning experiences.