SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization and search ads in Hong Kong are kind of search marketing, however they have much difference and they have their own advantages.

The most obvious one is their appearance, both shown up in search results. Search ads in Hong Kong is shown above organic results with a tag indication it is an ad. The next you may notice is their charging model. SEO is an unpaid form of ranking while search ads in Hong Kong needs to pay when someone click on your ads. So, SEO has no limit to bring traffic to your page while search ads Hong Kong is limited by the money you invested. Further to this, SEO take a longer time to get a place in ranking while search ads Hong Kong have immediate effect. To look at deeper for the search intent. As organic results are determined by search engines, it is deemed as more trustworthy and reliable, the company should make use of SEO if they provide services rather than a consumer goods. On the other hand, if you always offer promotion, search ads Hong Kong is a more suitable way for catching attention.

For the operation, SEO should use a SEO company while search ads Hong Kong can either finding a agency or do it yourself. For SEO, as there is much work to do with in order to rank your website high, if you do not hire a SEO company, you will find time-consuming and difficult. And the efficiency will not be as good as an SEO company. For search ads Hong Kong, if just simply setup and operated, you can DIY. And if desire for better results, an agency would be better.