Limited Partnership Funds (LPF) is a private fund management framework that the government of Hong Kong introduced on 31st August 2020. This new program enables the registration of private funds as limited partnerships. The principal goal is to protect the benefits of the investors and provide advanced investment management.

One of the benefits of the Limited Partnership Funds is the encouragement of the capital injection in organizations; especially for clients from the Greater Bay Area. To access the LPF program, investors need a minimum of one General Partner that can be liable for all liabilities and debts of the fund, hence the liability needs to be unlimited. Also, the investor must have a minimum of one Limited Partner (limited liability), among other requirements of the Limited Partnership Funds framework.

Cayman Fund Investment is a tax regime that favors people that want to invest offshore. This program is extremely popular worldwide and Hong Kong is not an exception!

The role of taxes in the business world is enormous. A beneficial tax program can be the decisive factor in the success of a growing company. Cayman Fund Investment does not have any direct taxes on income, capital gains, and profits. The tax protocols are simple and the restriction on compliance and auditing is minimal.

There are several types of Cayman Fund Investment. To find out more about the best type for their future project, interested investors need a consultancy company. One of the highest recommended firms in this category is CityLinkers. Clients can contact the customer support of this company and learn how to invest in the Cayman Islands or get the best out of the Limited Partnership Funds.