EdU FHM has celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2022! Ten years after its foundation, this prestigious Humanities School has introduced new BA and MA programs, as well as several top-quality seminars and engaging events that students were extremely satisfied with. This faculty is known for its frequent updates, upgrades and developments of existing programs. Keeping up with the highest-ranked schools in Hong Kong is not an easy task but Humanities HK manages to stay on top year after year.

The initial goal of founding EdU FHM in 2012 was to cultivate a robust intellectual environment. With excellent programs and innovative teaching methodologies, a group of reputable educators responded to the numerous social, cultural and educational challenges in the region, as well as in other parts of the world.

There are four main areas of expertise at Humanities HK: English Language Education, Chinese Language Studies, Linguistics and Modern Language Studies and Literature & Cultural Studies. Students can apply to undergraduate, postgraduate, as well as professional development programs. All of them are designed following the highest educational standards so students receive top-quality education that can serve them greatly in Hong Kong and any other world country.

 In total, there are over 20 programs that students can choose from, administered by more than 240 qualified staff that specialize in different areas. With 8 centers/research centers, EdU FHM has all the prerequisites to help ambitious students achieve their maximum academic potential. The teaching methodologies are a great combination of modern and traditional practices, managed perfectly to keep students captivated and equip them with the knowledge and skills required for their professional development.