ISEB assessments determine whether students qualify to enter independent senior schools or not. The ISEB pre-test is not the only test paper in the UK and other parts of the world but it is one of the most popular ones. To increase the chances of their children getting accepted to prestigious independent schools, parents frequently hire an ISEB Math Tutor.

An ISEB Math Tutor can prepare students for the exam promptly; not only by giving away possible questions and answers but helping them understand math better. The questions that the ISEB Board chooses to put on the exam are not always the same. Thus, a math teacher cannot know exactly what the student should learn. However, by teaching several areas from the beginning to an end, the tutor and the student can be sure that there won’t be a question on the exam that will be impossible to complete.

Vic Li is an ISEB Math Tutor with experience in working with different groups of students. Since children typically take the ISEB exam around the age of 13, Vic knows exactly how to work with those students.

His tutoring begins with a basic math test. The assessment allows Vic to understand the current level of student’s mathematics. After determining the level, Vic Li creates a study plan. He consults the student about the tutoring schedule and organizes lessons accordingly.

Students take ISEB tests online. Therefore, Vic usually also teaches online as well. He is a versatile, flexible ISEB Math Tutor. Not only he prepares students for the ISEB tests but also makes math challenging to them again.