Mental Health Service is Changing Young Lives in Hong Kong

KELY Support Group (KELY) is a non-profit organization based in Hong Kong that provides an exceptional Mental Health Service to young people. Since 1991, the team behind this reputable team has been creating innovative methods to assist teenagers in several aspects. The results of their work are impressive.

KELY takes care of youth’s mental health in general. The educators help participants of the programs learn how to manage stress, resist the potential negative influence of their peers, and emphasize the importance of the Mental Health Service. In addition, KELY Support Group shows all the negative effects of drugs and alcohol on young people through multiple Teenage Harm Reduction programs.

By preventing and resolving problems in the early stages, KELY reduces the risk of addiction and any other consequences of substance use/abuse. With the Teenage Harm Reduction service, KELY’s team plans to make a great change that will affect youth in the long term.

Understanding the problems that surround alcohol and drugs has an enlightening effect on teenagers. Frequently, young people are not aware of all the issues that harmful substances could cause. With KELY’s descriptive, and engaging Teenage Harm Reduction program, students can finally see the other side of alcohol before they are forced to deal with the consequences of excessive use.

All educational institutions in Hong Kong are welcome to consult the KELY Support Group. This organization is open to different collaborations. Interested educators can contact the service center and receive a custom Mental Health Service that will suit their needs and requirements.