Parents are praising KELY Support Group’s Mental Health Support in HK because of its great impact on their kids. Teenagers with access to the program show maturity and responsibility regarding critical topics such as drug and alcohol abuse, as well as general mental health. With Harm Reduction activities in HK, powerful initiatives, and workshops, KELY records outstanding results that continually improve.

More and more educational institutions are recognizing the benefits of mental health programs. KELY Support Group is making great progress in the region. The team consists of experienced educators that know exactly how to treat youth and help them learn important lessons in engaging ways. The Mental Health Support in HK is captivating and keeps the attention of students, which leads to positive reactions.

With a Harm Reduction HK program, KELY educates young people between the ages 14 and 24 about drug and alcohol use; participants learn all the basic information about drug and alcohol, the consequences of its abuse, effective ways to avoid these substances and resist the influence of peers, which is a frequent problem among students.

Apart from educating on drug and alcohol use with the Harm Reduction, KELY also provides a set of programs focused on the wellbeing of young people. The Mental Health Support in HK takes care of the emotions and minds of students. It helps them manage stressful situations, resist pressure, be self-aware and stay healthy. By taking care of their mental health, KELY Support Group encourages members to grow, progress, prosper and make good decisions for the future.