Do you love where you live and think that it deserves way more recognition and appreciation? Well, you can easily promote your favorite places by writing a travel blog. Just start with writing an insider’s guide on your favorite restaurant! That should do. Be it travel tips, local guides on hotels and restaurants, or activity itineraries, people love to know things like these when they are planning a trip. You can focus on a specific niche for your blog and target a particular group of audience as well. For example, some share inspiring guides mainly on backpacking and target green backpackers out there. Honing in on just one area makes them appear more professional and trustworthy in readers’ eyes.

One thing to bear in mind though, you should organize your blog by destinations like ‘Japan’, ‘South Korea’, and ‘Thailand’, or categories like ‘Hotels’ and ‘Restaurants’. Make sure your readers can easily and quickly look for travel ideas as they are browsing your blog. Also, don’t forget to tell some fun experiences you have had as well. It is difficult for your blog to stand out if you are simply offering informational guides.

Including recent travel news and tourism news in your blog is a good idea too. News articles with titles such as “Eiffel Tower reopens” and “Private jet charters amid the pandemic” appeal to many people as reading news like these help them plan their vacation.