Scented Candles HK is one of the most popular items at Kapok, alongside the Men Sneakers HK. Therefore, if you prefer to buy most of your products at one store with proven quality, rather than experimenting with new brands and not getting the results you need, you can find a wide range of lifestyle items at Kapok.

The Scented Candles HK come in a variety of scents. From rose and lavender to eucalyptus and vetiver, the candles vary from exotic to sweet and relaxing. Thus, every customer can find the scent that suits his/her personality.

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The Men Sneakers HK at Kapok’s store feature some of the elite designers, such as the Good News, Moonstar, and Veja. Sustainable sneakers minimize the carbon footprint, which takes part in the movement to preserve the planet by producing eco-friendly shoes. All sneakers by Veja are made of recycled plastic bottles. They are light, waterproof, and breathable. By buying the environment-friendly products at Kapok, customers are not only equipping themselves with items of the highest quality; they are also putting efforts into saving the Earth.