Italian Motor Yacht Monte Carlo Attracts Yachters in Hong Kong

Monte Carlo, a well-known Italian motor yacht brand is available for yacht enthusiasts in Hong Kong! Interested yachters can find a range of Hong Kong yacht models at Asia Yachting, a reputable dealership, and brokerage.

Asia Yachting was founded in 2006. Since then, this company has gained enormous recognition in Southeast Asia. Apart from new Hong Kong yacht models of the highest quality, clients can purchase pre-owned watercraft for beneficial prices. This company has one of the largest catalogs of used boats in the region. The selection is extremely rich so customers can find luxury Italian motor yacht brand models in impeccable condition and buy them for great prices.

Monte Carlo built its reputation relatively quickly. Only a few years after launching its first Italian motor yacht, this brand was requested by yacht enthusiasts all over the world. It didn’t take long until Monte Carlo spread across the globe, reaching Hong Kong as well! Asia Yachting is proud to offer new and pre-owned boats of super quality to its clientele.

Hard work, consistency, and passion for yachts kept the founders of Asia Yacht on a prosperous road in the yachting industry. They established partnerships with world-class manufacturers and gained the trust of their clients in the region. Yachters are excited to check out new Hong Kong yacht listings at Asia Yachting’s website every day and this company makes sure not to let them down! With frequent updates and constant improvement of its services, Asia Yachting is slowly becoming the leading dealership and brokerage in Hong Kong.