CorVino operates under WSET Hong Kong and we provide globally recognized education and qualifications in wine-tasting. Our Hong Kong Wine Course is designed for not only professionals but wine enthusiast. Our Hong Kong Wine Course offers a range of comprehensive services from wine-tasting courses to wine tours, and from corporate training to event management. Our programs are qualified by WSET Hong Kong, and we aim to deliver the highest standard of wine education. We do not only strive for an enjoyable palate experience, but we endeavor to provide the best wine-tasting knowledge. WSET Hong Kong is designed for you to not only enjoy the art of wine-tasting, but we also develop your terminology vocabularies. You will, in no time, be able to develop your unique tasting notes which is essential for any wine-tasting lovers. Our qualified instructors that led our Hong Kong Wine Course have experience in working with government officials, business leaders, media and prestige club members. Whether you are looking for small-scale wine-tasting courses or large-scale event, WSET Hong Kong is here to please. The team is committed to providing you the best wine-tasting experience as long as you provide us with your request. Our personalized programs provide fun and interactive experience for any events and settings. We also hold wine-tasting virtual and hybrid events, which we are sure to impress participates. CorVino’s Hong Kong Wine Course will certainly improve your wine tasting skills and assist you to develop your abilities with our professional instructors’ assistance.