CorVino is one of the leading wine schools in Hong Kong. This institution offers a top-rated WSET Level 2 that will bring you one step closer to becoming a wine expert. Out of three WSET levels, you can attend the course that matches your existing skills and knowledge. However, it is recommended to start from the first level because CorVino’s courses contain information and practice that you surely did not learn before, even if you have certain experience in wine education.

The first level will teach you how to explore wine through smell, taste and sight, how to do food pairings and differentiate several wine types. WSET Level 2 will build those skills even more and make you more confident in your techniques and knowledge. Captivating programs will motivate you to keep learning and educators with a strong passion for the famous beverage will ensure to pass their love for wine and make you learn all the wonders that will confirm you made the correct choice to master your skills.

All levels, including WSET Level 2 are unique and contain lessons of crucial value for your future involvement in the wine industry. After completing each level, you will receive a prestigious certification that will serve as a strong reference for your career.

You will learn all the essential and advanced lessons and techniques at CorVino that will prepare you for the competitive industry with high chances of success. Educators will stay available for any help or guidance you may need even after you complete all levels.