CorVino is a prestigious wine school in Hong Kong with an impeccable reputation in the region. It provides the best wine courses and a sake course designed carefully to captivate the students and introduce the world of marvelous beverages in a sophisticated and engaging way.

Wine enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to attend the world-leading courses at CorVino. After building a solid foundation at the first level, participants of the courses can develop their skills at the WSET Level 2 course. They will learn how to pair wines with foods, explore the world of wines through smell, taste, and sight and learn about different types of grapes. The teaching methodologies at CorVino are innovative and creative. Thus, students will stay engaged throughout the WSET Level 2, which will build long-term knowledge and skills; the same applies to a content-rich sake course at CorVino.

After passing the WSET Level 2 or any level of the sake course at CorVino, students will receive elite certifications. Those certifications will serve greatly in their future careers. CorVino is an outstanding starting point for future wine and sake experts. It offers them all the courses they need to build themselves professionally. All they have to do is use the opportunity and work on their professional development.

CorVino is proud of all the well-known wine experts in Hong Kong that started their journeys at this school. The educators are happy to receive another generation of passionate wine enthusiasts that are excited to learn and succeed in a highly competitive industry.