Are you a wine enthusiast willing to improve your skills and potentially pursue a career in the wine industry? This goal might be easier to achieve than you thought! You only need to choose the right team that will help you properly. In Hong Kong, you cannot go wrong if you choose CorVino, a prestigious wine school that provides WSET Level 1, WSET Level 2, and WSET Level 3 courses.

The reputation of CorVino is well-known in Hong Kong. Many recognizable wine experts started their journeys as attendees of WSET 1, WSET Level 2, and finally WSET Level 3, which opened the door to the wine market to them. You can be the next one. CorVino’s teaching methodologies will help you build a solid foundation on which you can build a successful career.

Regardless of your experience, knowledge, and skills, you will always have something new to learn at CorVino. The first level of WSET will introduce all the basic information and techniques to you, while WSET Level 2 will focus on the development of the skills you obtained and further expansion of your knowledge. By the time you finish the third level, you will know how to professionally explore wines through smell, taste, and sight and you will be motivated to showcase your skills and abilities.

After completing each course, you will receive a valuable certification that can serve greatly in your future endeavors. It will be the confirmation of your knowledge and efforts. If you need further assistance or advice from CorVino’s educators, you can always rely on this wine school that will continue to support you on your journey and take pride in your success.