Video surveillance systems are popular for a good reason – they make management simpler and gives you a sense of security. When it comes to deterring theft and vandalism, people look for solutions such as hiring security guards, placing alarms on gates, and installing surveillance cameras. Some surveillance cameras are equipped with nighttime recording, alarms and light and others simply offer to record high quality videos.

Take DiSS DI-PMB80 4K 180° Panoramic H.265 Mini Bullet Network Camera for instance, it is a very useful surveillance system. First, it is perfect for whole picture viewing experience. It catches 180° horizontal coverage and 95° vertical coverage, achieving 180° panoramic viewing with only single sensor, which is a revolutionary creation in the bullet model. Second, with an advanced built-in microphone which adopts the advanced codec, the DiSS Network Camera is able to provide clearer voice and the IP67-rated weather proof capability for reliable performance is ensured. Third, the well-designed integrated junction box ensures not only efficient and simple installation, but also stable operation and supreme user-experience.

Do you know that a thermal camera can conduct surveillance? And have you ever seen one in Hong Kong? Thermal imaging technology is the core of a thermal camera. It is a contactless imaging procedure that makes it possible to see the thermal radiation (electromagnetic radiation emitted by a body based on its temperature) from an object or body otherwise invisible to the human eye (mid-wavelength infrared). Simply put, a thermal camera captures and displays temperature distribution across surfaces and objects. Have a look at what a thermal camera looks like and see if you can spot one in Hong Kong!