Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many companies have arranged for their employees to work from home. As a result, owning a good printer at home is now more important than ever. A home printer is usually a lot cheaper than an office printer and still manages to do all the basics like producing digital copies and scanning documents. So, why not purchase one and make your ‘work from home’ life easier?

There are several things we should look into as we are picking out a proper home printer. First, it is better to purchase one that does not take up much space. A printer that performs several functions can be quite bulky. It is worth the time and effort to look for one that has a space-saving design. Second, try to buy an affordable one. In general, all you need is a four-in-one printer that offers faxing, printing, scanning, and photocopying services. You don’t have to pick an expensive one that gives stunning colors and 4K image quality if all you work with are some official documents.

What if ‘work from home’ is not an option for you? Is there anything you could do to improve the printer in your office? Well, the IT solution called Printing Management Solution from Sharp is perfect for that. The PaperCut™ MF print management IT solution can track user activity, support various operating systems and provide detailed printing reports while the Kayleigh cost accounting and access control IT solution can track all printing and scan jobs as well as setting the print quota of color documents to reduce printing cost.